Inagawa 100km Ultra “TOASHI” Fun Run

Oct. 21 2017

Experience the REAL Japan!

Enjoy fall colors!

Eighth anniversary event partnering with Bhutan International Marathon!

Join hundreds of Runners from around the world for the:

Inagawa 100km Ultra Fun Run

October 21 2017

The Oze region in Fukushima has long been considered one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring regions in Japan. What better way to experience the wonders of nature, enjoy famous Tohoku hospitality, and to show solidarity with the people of Fukushima than to join us for a challenging 100km ultra fun run through the striking fall beauty around Minami Aizu.

  • Ample local accommodations are available
  • Great opportunity to meet local / international competitors and local community
  • Excellent organizational and race supports

Date & Time: 5:00am October 21, 2017

Distance: 100km

Time Limit: 16 hours (9:00pm October, 22)

Entry Fee: 18,000yen

(including 2,000yen coupon usable at local food booth)

Entry by August 28

Check-in: 2:00-7:00pm October 20 or 3:30-4:30am October 21

Start/Finish: Minamiaizu-machi Sogosisho-mae

998 Furumachi tateato Aza Minamiaizu-machi, Minamiaizu-gun, Fukushima, 967-0501


Train & Bus: Aizu Tajima @Tobu Aizu line

Minamiaizu-machi Ina Sougoushisyo Mae @Aizu Bus


Car: Nasuno Shiobara Exit @Touhoku Expressway

Shuttle bus is available from Shinjuku station to the site.

Shuttle bus details: HOSPITALITY TOURS, INC

Tel: +81-3-5467-7625 / E-mail:


If you need any assistance for registration, accommodation and/or bus arrangement in English, please send e-mail to Fumi Sakai at



Aid station: every 5km

  • Water, sports drink, fruits, miso soup, onigiri and other local foods
  • Aid station operated by local volunteers
  • Friendly conversation with local volunteers should relieve long day’s exhaustion
  • Beer and BBQ will be served by local volunteers if you can go beyond 75km…


Drop bag: at the midpoint: bag collection at start area from 3:30 to 4:30am


Recommended equipment: flashlight and bear bell


  • Goal scene photo service and finishers’ lottery available until 9:00pm
  • Small local markets are open during check-in hours from 2:00 to 7:00pm (October 20) and 1:00 to 9:00pm (October 21). You can use 2,000yen coupon for local Sake, Miso and other local foods


Fumi Sakai: Tel: +81-241-76-2310 / E-mail:

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